Azure Data Factory for Beginners

Azure Data Factory for Beginners

Welcome to the landing page for this presentation, containing the session video and resources covering Azure Data Factory (ADF) for Beginners.  This presentation was given twice.  Most recently, at SQL Saturday South Florida BI Edition 2020.  Originally, to the Microsoft Data and AI South Florida User Group, on January 8th, 2020 at the Microsoft LATAM office in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

This talk covered the following:

    • Intro to Azure Data Factory (ADF)
    • ADF Components
    • Demo: Creating a Data Factory
    • Demo: Creating and Debugging a Pipeline
    • Demo: Triggers & Monitoring
    • ADF Pricing
    • Q&A

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Session Video

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Session Slide Deck

Slide Deck – Azure Data Factory for Beginners

Session GitHub Repository

This session’s demos can be more easily reproduced by using the PowerShell scripts and ARM template found at the following GitHub repository:


These Microsoft and third-party references are useful:

Beginner’s Guide to Azure Data Factory by Cathrine Wilhelmsen

Azure Data Factory Documentation

Azure Data Factory Pricing

Azure Pricing Calculator